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Peppercorn Discovery

Figuring out What's Next in your professional career can be daunting. Whether you are looking for a job, your next promotion, or switching careers it's important to have a plan to achieve your goal.  

Peppercorn Discovery provides the guidance of a career coach and structured accountability for you to develop and articulate your story. Turning you into a better self-marketer and champion of your professional path.

Peppercorn Discovery is a modern process for the ever-changing job market and it’s your next step in the right direction.

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Peppercorn Talent Lab

The Talent Lab focuses on recruiting the right candidates to cultivate strong organizations. We increase employee engagement through better insights and bring better matched external candidates for gaps.   For all companies, employees set the culture and business success of the company.   


Working with Urvi (& Peppercorn Discovery) has allowed me to find solutions - both professional and personal - that I would not have looked at in the past. The ability to do a deep dive into my core personality and my motivations as an individual, not just a businessman, opened doors to new ways of looking at the world, new channels of revenue in my business, and has led to increased fulfillment in my personal life.



I am on the road to becoming, once again, a master of the universe. And, that, for most high performing executives, is priceless.

Jan Rogers Kniffen

CEO J Rogers Kniffen WWE, LLC 

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Start your journey in the Peppercorn Discovery Program!

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Self Discovery

Gain the confidence to know who you are, what you have to offer and what you are looking for next


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Develop a marketing plan for yourself and learn to tell your unique and personal story while building rapport and trust.

Valuable Resources

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Access to more than 70+ collective years of experience codified into guided lessons, valued at $10,000, that guide you on your career journey.