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Peppercorn Discovery 


How can this program help you

Peppercorn Discovery benefits individuals at any point in their career! Check out our benefits below!

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Gain confidence by knowing who you are, what you have to offer, and what you are looking for next. 

Clearly articulate your product story by developing your marketing portfolio and build out your game plan. 

Gain access to thought leaders and a network of peers on the journey of finding What’s Next!

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Guidance from a career coach to steer you in the right direction that works for your journey!

Figuring out What's Next in your professional career can be daunting at any stage of your career.  As the world around us changes at a faster pace, all individuals from students to executives need guidance on marketing themselves for the right next step.  So, whether you are looking for a job, your next promotion or switching careers it's important to have a plan to achieve your goal.  

Peppercorn Discovery provides the guidance and structure for you to develop and articulate your story, turning you into a better self-marketer and champion of your professional path. Peppercorn Discovery is a modern process for the ever-changing job market and it’s your next step in the right direction.

Are you:

  • Looking for a job now

  • Exploring What's Next!

  • Returning to the workforce

  • Switching / Pivoting your career: function/industry

Sign up to start your journey in the Peppercorn Discovery Program

No more taking mediocre jobs. No more keyword fishing with ATS systems. No more staying in stagnant, unfulfilling careers. 

Peppercorn Discovery helps you find your truth, own it, and articulate it. We focus on developing self-awareness and providing you with the language you need to tell your story because you’re a person first and a professional second.

Through the program, you’ll create a marketing portfolio focused on consistency and helping you tell your story confidently. Showcase the uniqueness of you and what you have to offer to find your right next role.

Our methods are tried and tested, coming from 70+ collective years of experience codified into a program, that can be used over and over again throughout your career journey.