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For fast growing startups and large companies executive recruiting is a key to success. As success at the top, sets the tone for the culture and direction of the company.  Onboarding the right executive can be a long process and mistakes are very expensive.  We bring innovation within the executive recruiting industry at the intersection of business, organizational behavior and technology. We are altering the game and guiding the industry to keep up with the changing paradigm shifts happening around us. Hiring effective leaders is critical to the success of a company as it affects employee attraction and retention in addition to building sustainable profitable business. 

We solve complex hiring challenges and are highly skilled at sourcing, vetting and accessing candidates (including passive and semi-active). Our structured and comprehensive process incorporates professional discretion, diligence, perseverance, and finesse. 


The technologies and techniques we use to facilitate and streamline the process, shorten timeframes and improve outcomes. We bring candidates that improve your bottom line with their perspectives, innovative mindsets and an ability to capture new markets in our ever-changing landscape.


Our clients retain us because we deliver the talent they require, and our recurring retention interviews ensure the executives we recruit continue to add value year after year.

Assessments allow organizations to be more confident about the candidates they hire and the cultural and personality fit with their their existing executive team is aligned.


Cultivating a strong organization helps a company  achieve strategic objectives and is critical to lead organizations to sustainable business results. 

Using best-in-class, validated tools and methodologies, we provide independent, objective, unbiased, comprehensive assessments of candidates. 

The organizational backdrops for Executive Assessments include:

  • Strategic or operational realignment

  • Succession planning

  • Performance management

  • Team building

Talent mapping provides real-time, often competitive, intelligence of executive performance and potential based on a company’s goals. 


Frequently conducted prior to launching a recruitment mandate, talent mapping can inform critical executive decisions regarding, for example, organizational restructuring or a strategic change in direction.


Talent mapping involves discreetly researching competitors, industry leaders, and talent-demand trends. 


Our Strategic Talent Mapping reports typically include executives by name and title, reporting lines, and organizational structures. Professional profiles of executives identified are frequently provided as well as compensation expectations.

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