Peppercorn is focused on recruiting the right executives thereby cultivating strong organizations.  For fast growing startups and large companies executive recruiting is a key to success as success at the top sets the tone for the culture and direction of the company.  Onboarding the right executive can be a long process and mistakes are very expensive.  We bring innovation within the executive recruiting industry at the intersection of business, organizational behavior and technology. We are altering the game and guiding the industry to keep up with the changing paradigm shifts happening around us. 

Peppercorn is built on four pillars to serve the needs of organizations building towards the future.  Peppercorn is creating a common language in the executive recruiting industry to accelerate recruiting and increase diversity at the top.   

A recruiting studio to contractually close executive recruitment searches.  Talent Lab leverages our Platform. 

PaaS offers consolidated recruiting market intelligence, algorithms to understand needs, values and preferences of employers and employees.  This includes an AI powered knowledge graph of opportunities and candidates. 

Peppercorn will provide coaching and guidance to hiring managers, recruiters and candidates through assessments, training programs, coaching and other channels

A place for Recruiters, Employers, Candidates, Funders, Founders and Universities to share best practices and content.  


Anita Ganti

CEO & Co-Founder

  • Anita Ganti

Urvi Bhandari

CMO & Co-Founder

  • Urvi Bhandari

Nancy George

COO & Co-Founder

  • Anita Ganti

Deepika Yerragunta 

CPO & Co-Founder

  • Anita Ganti

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