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Discovery Benefits

  Peppercorn Discovery provides the guidance and structure for you to develop and articulate your story, turning you into a better self-marketer and champion of your professional path. Peppercorn Discovery is a modern process for the ever-changing job market and it’s your next step in the right direction.

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Gain confidence by knowing who you are, what you have to offer, and what you are looking for. Deep dive into articulating your whole self in your professional journey.  

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Clearly articulate your career story by developing your marketing portfolio and job search game plan. 

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Gain access to thought leaders (Peppercorn Parley) and a network of peers (Peppercorn Community) on the journey of finding What’s Next! 

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4-week cohort-based workshops to steer you in the right direction for you with the latest tips, resources, and tools to interview and negotiate your offers!

Are you:

  • Recently laid off

  • Looking for a job now

  • Returning to the workforce

  • Exploring What's Next in your career

  • Switching / Pivoting your career: function/industry

  • Looking to advance/get promoted in your career

  • A student about to graduate (undergrad, grad, BootCamp)

  • An executive looking to pivot or expand their experiences

Figuring out What's Next in your professional career can be daunting at any stage of your career.  As the world around us changes at a faster pace, all individuals from students to executives need guidance on marketing themselves for the right next step.  So, whether you are looking for a job, your next promotion, or switching careers it's important to have a plan to achieve your goal.  

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Peppercorn Discovery


Discovery Playbook

Discovery provides you with a structured approach and support to become self-aware and articulate What's Next for you.

1. Self Articulation

You begin the program by articulating:

  • Who you are,

  • Where you would like to go,

  • What you uniquely offer and 

  • What you have done

In the process, developing clarity and confidence to tell your story

2. Marketing Portfolio

As you build your Marketing Portfolio you will be able to: 

  • Clearly articulate your skills

  • Present your true story

  • Communicate / Position your "Brand" identity

  • Promote your unique value proposition

  • Market to your greatest strenghts

3. Execute

At this point, you will be primed and ready to get out (live or virtually) to actively network.

You will receive resources for:

  • Researching 

  • Networking

  • Interviewing and

  • Negotiating your offers.

You will receive the latest tips on topics to support your journey to "What's Next!"

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Module 100 - Self Awareness

Focus on internal self-awareness articulating:

  • Personality

  • Values

  • Working Styles and

  • Leadership Skills

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Module 400 - Marketing Portfolio

Develop, write and edit your story for public facing media like Linkedin, Social Media and to Network with others.  

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Module 500 - Ongoing - Research & Networking

Leveraging the work from previous weeks to research, network, interview and negotiate offers. 

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Write your accomplishments to focus on the strengths that will make you successful in your ideal position.

Module 200 - Ideal Position

Develop and engineer your own job description based on 13 attributes including company type, roles & responsibilities, function, industry, benefits,etc.

Module 300 - Success Briefs

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Discovery Value


Guidance to articuate who you are, what you have to offer and where you are going

Peer Cohorts

Live  cohorts with workshop-based sessions to focus on getting you to what's next!

Peer Coaching

Peer coaching with individuals on the same What's Next journey to finding the right role.

Marketing Portfolio

Modern templates to help you tell your story and market yourself for What's Next!

Access Discovery


(limited time offer)

$550 Value!!

Access to the Peppercorn Platform as we add new programs to support your professional career journey!


Start your Discovery journey today!

No more taking mediocre jobs. No more keyword fishing with ATS systems. No more staying in stagnant, unfulfilling careers. Get the promotion you want. Elevate your career to getting a board seat.

Peppercorn Discovery helps you find your truth, own it, and articulate it. We focus on developing self-awareness and providing you with the language you need to tell your story because you’re a person first and a professional second.

Through the platform, you’ll create a marketing portfolio focused on consistency and helping you tell your story confidently. Showcase the uniqueness of you and what you have to offer for What's Next for you.

Our methods are tried and tested, coming from 70+ collective years of experience codified into a platform, that can be used over and over again throughout your career journey

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