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Are you feeling directionless, lacking support, and struggling to articulate your value, then Discovery delivers:

  • Clarity on your true skills, interests, and ideal next steps 

  • A confident personal brand that captures your unique value proposition

  • Motivation and accountability to take action through community support

  • Reduced imposter syndrome by recognizing your accomplishments

Unlike generic job sites and career platforms, Discovery focuses on YOU - your specific aspirations, experiences and story - to provide guidance based on your needs.

Join Discovery to gain the insights, game plan, and community you need to fearlessly navigate your career - and own what makes you stand out.

The best part : It's FREE!

Connect with a Supportive Community to Boost Your Career


What clients say about us ...

"Peppercorn is a wonderful program that turns the outdated, arduous career planning process on its head by making it a more productive, revelatory experience. The group aspect is very helpful and creates a supportive community to learn from one another’s experiences. The job application process is such a rollercoaster and having insightful advice such as yours [/ completing the Peppercorn program] has been immensely helpful.” 

Devon N.

Studio Manager

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Discovery Benefits

Peppercorn Discovery provides career guidance and a supportive community to help you

gain clarity in your job search, build confidence in yourself, and take control of your career.

Self-Awareness and Personal Growth
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The Discovery process emphasizes self-reflection and personal growth through exercises that help you gain clarity on your strengths, values, and aspirations. This enables informed decision making aligned with your authentic self.

Craft a compelling personal brand and marketing portfolio to articulate your skills, experiences, and accomplishments. Showcase your unique value clearly.

Learn and connect with peers through cohort-based workshops and access to the Peppercorn Community. Collaborate and exchange ideas to get insights and support.

Discovery provides tools and strategies for continuous networking, research, interview prep, and skill building. Develop capabilities to adapt and seize opportunities.

Discovery Playbook

Our proven 5-step Discovery process provides the clarity and confidence to make your job search far more targeted and efficient.  By investing just 16-20 hours to gain self-knowledge and articulate your story, you'll unlock an indispensable career playbook that yields far greater ROI than scattered job searches.

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  1. Self-Awareness - Understand your strengths, values and aspirations through reflective exercises.

  2. Ideal Position - Define your ideal job based on roles, responsibilities, company attributes.

  3. Success Briefs - Craft impactful statements highlighting your relevant accomplishments.

  4. Marketing Portfolio - Develop your personal brand and tell your story.

  5. Research & Networking - Build connections, prepare for interviews, uncover opportunities.

Each step equips you with insights, tools and strategies to differentiate yourself and navigate your career.

Review the full Discovery Playbook to learn more about the process.

Take Control of Your Career Journey!

Stop settling for lackluster jobs that leave you unfulfilled. Break out of your career rut and make your next move with intention.


Discovery focuses on YOU - your aspirations, your experiences, your story.

Through tailored coaching and a supportive community, you'll gain clarity and direction. Build your personal brand, tell your story with confidence, and amplify what makes you unique. Chart what's next on your professional journey.

Our proven process distills decades of career wisdom into an actionable roadmap. With tools to stand out, you can steer your career where you want it to go.

The road ahead starts when you're ready.


Let's journey together!

The journey begins when you're ready.

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