Peppercorn Talent Lab

Hiring effective leaders is essential to a company’s success. When making the wrong hire, it costs you 30% of that hire’s initial salary along with the time and money of recruiting and onboarding, so there’s little room for error. Our talent lab uses modern tools to make the right hire every single time and save you money while doing it.

What we offer

When filling an executive-level position, it can take 110+ days, 880 hours of your recruiters’ time, and an average of $75,000! We know you need results and you need them in a timely manner with the right candidates for your organization. That’s why our Talent Lab goes beyond skills and experience to assess a candidates' entire persona. Pulling from our diverse pool of candidates, we offer a more streamlined and thorough way of finding the right executives for your organization.


Executive Search

We bring candidates who are strong team players, have innovative mindsets and have the ability to capture new markets, in our ever-changing landscape.

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Executive Assessments

We provide independent, objective, unbiased assessments of candidates, using best-in-class, validated tools, that support companies to achieve sustainable business results. 

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Talent Mapping

We generate real time talent mapping to provide competitive intelligence of executive performance and potential based on your company's goals.


How can this program help you

We help you hire effective leaders to support the success of your company by increasing your employee attraction and retention which leads to building a sustainable, profitable business. 

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Get the lasting talent you need. With recurring retention interviews, we ensure our executive hires add value for you year after year. 

Streamlined processes, shorten your search with strong candidates at your fingertips to meet the changing needs of the market and the ultimate success of your business. 

Make better, informed decisions on hires based on a candidate's full persona and not just experience. Perfect for organizational restructuring or strategic change. 

Interested in The Talent Lab?

For fast-growing startups and large companies, executive recruiting is a key to success.  We bring innovation within the executive recruiting industry at the intersection of business, organizational behavior, and technology. We are altering the game and guiding the industry to keep up with the changing paradigm shifts happening around us.

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