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Mark Webber
Peppercorn Pioneer
Peppercorn Pioneer
Sep 03, 2021
In Career Growth
The future of our workplaces will obviously be much different post-covid. Remote workers, hybrid workers, shared desks six-feet apart and either the excitement or dread of returning to the office awaits. As exciting as a new world of remote or hybrid working sounds, what will happen when you work harder than ever as a remote employee, only to watch your colleague who works in the office, get that promotion you wanted and deserved! Real or perceived, and probably sooner vs later, remote and hybrid workers are going to feel slighted, left out and passed over for plum assignments and promotions. Depending on where you look, remote workers will be either better off than before, or in a much worse position. Forbes states that “remote workers are 40% more likely to have been promoted in the last year than their in-office peers.” Wired argues that “remote work is great until you want a promotion”, and goes on to say that companies will be unlikely to hire senior roles on a remote basis. What do you think? Will remote workers get left behind or has the paradigm shifted forever?
Will Remote Workers reconsider when they see others getting promoted?
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Mark Webber

Peppercorn Pioneer
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